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Megan Barker

technical content writer


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My work

My work in SaaS security, privacy, and compliance has equipped me with versatile technical skills and knowledge.  As a writer in the industry, I’ve developed the ability to analyze complex concepts and convey their subtleties in accessible, engaging (and occasionally witty) ways.

long-form content


Websites &

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About Me

I’ve always been a logophile. I read the dictionary and wrote novels as a kid. Ten years ago, I turned my passion into a career.

While writing is my first love, I’m also fond of proper grammar, (American) football, bully breeds, sour candy, good skincare, mascara, yoga, power tools, and home renovations.

I have strong feelings about the Oxford comma and use of text as a verb; my favourite words include onomatopoeia and mellifluous.

And, yes, I have favourite words.

I live in Ontario, Canada with my son and our rescued bully, Sky.

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