I began to write as a small child. I used to craft novels when (very) short stories were the assignments. I read the dictionary, and studied grammar and punctuation for fun. As a teenager, I designed graphics and websites in my spare time.

My unique vocational background has provided a solid foundation in a number of different areas. I’m also able to connect with people very easily.

I’m a single mom, an animal lover, a health nut, and a writer, figuring it all out as I go along.

My work

My strengths include both creative and technical writing. I’m a very quick learner and a skilled multitasker. I’m also highly organized and detail oriented.

As an experienced remote worker, I’m familiar with everything the telework lifestyle entails; I thrive on the independence and motivation it requires.

I’m proficient on both Windows and Mac platforms, very comfortable with HTML/CSS and Markdown, a semi-skilled graphic editor, a weekend WordPress warrior, and a general tech ‘geek’.

Frequently Used Apps & Services

Airtable GitLab Photoshop
Asana Notion TextMate
GitHub Desktop Slack WordPress

For more details, please see my resume.

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