Suspending belief: The Art of Light Wizard

Australian visionary artist Steve Willis — also known as Light Wizard — is a creative soul who channels the deepest parts of himself into his art. He has a unique, defined process of upcycling and repurposing found objects and materials; transforming the hard rubbish into pieces that are compelling, inspiring, and often perplexing.

Willis believes he was brought to this earth with a mission: to shine brightly, light up the human spirit, and illuminate inner worlds, revealing the magic within them. He creates his art by channeling the spiritual voice that speaks through him. At this point in his journey, the voice is both familiar and alien. 

Whether with an explosion of color or monochromatic shades of grey, his unique creations are a way of rebelling against the ordinary. Striving to create the most compelling, moving, and inspiring works possible, Light Wizard invites viewers to step outside their comfort zones; to challenge possibility. 

And there is always a metaphysical inspiration behind the pieces Light Wizard creates — never does he simply throw materials together randomly with hopes it turns into something pleasing to the eye.

He’s created one piece, titled Pinktagon, that represents changing perspective. The artist believes if we suspend our beliefs, we create opportunities to see things in a different way — a way that may allow us to see more deeply, more curiously. 

PINKTAGON | Art Collider
Light Wizard, Pinktagon

Another sculpture, called Shadowlands, is a beautifully dark piece inspired by shadowed times. The artist recognizes we cannot change the past, but we can change our lives by learning from it. The work represents the troubled mind — the greatest battlefield ever known.

LIGHT WIZARD Shadowlands Photo Print Artwork Visionary | Etsy
Light Wizard, Shadowlands

One of the most enthralling sculptures in the artist’s portfolio is called Imaginationland. It is a manifestation of Light Wizard’s fantasy world; his “sanity against normality”. The piece, which was made live at an arts and culture festival, is a fantastical adventure for the eyes — and the mind. It’s the artist’s imagination brought to life. 

Light Wizard, Imaginationland

Art will forever be subjective. It is the feelings — the experiences — art elicits that tie us together. Light Wizard wants viewers of his art to join him as they explore perception and belief; fear and courage; shadow and light. But, most of all, this daydream called life.

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